TamSoil 700CP – Water binding polymer for Tunnel Boring Machines

TamSoil 700CP is a unique liquid polymer especially designed for the use on EPB tunnel boring machines tunnelling below groundwater level. This polymer is used in ground conditions where foam alone is not enough to handle an increased amount of water. TamSoil 700CP is especially efficient in soils with low fine particle content. TamSoil 700CP also lubricates moving parts, lowers friction and wear, which extends the tool life and decreases energy requirements.

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Key Benefits
  • Extremely high capacity to bin water, especially in soil lacking fine particles
  • Very quick reaction
  • Works also under saline water conditions
  • Excellent structing effect on the soil
  • Lubricates and reduces friction
  • Non-toxic
Typical Applications
  • EPB Tunnel Boring Machine
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