TamSoil 600CP – Liquid polymer soil conditioner for EPB TBMs

TamSoil 600CP is a liquid polymer specially designed for use in EPB tunnel boring machine for soil condition. This polymer is used in ground conditions where foam alone is not sufficient to tackle the increase in water content.TamSoil 600CP is effective in ground consisting of

TamSoil 600CP is effective in ground consisting of fine like sand / silt or clay with high water content.

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Key Benefits
  • Improve soil stability
  • Reduce permeability and increase sealing at the face, by turning wet soil into a suitable consistency
  • Ability to absorb water and improve cohesion of coarse gravel sand to form a paste like material
  • Lubricating effect on soil
  • Clay encapsulation effects
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic


Typical Applications
  • Ground that is poorly graded and saturated in EPB TBM
  • Ground consisting of sand / silt and clay with high water content
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