TamPur 170 – Highly flexible hydrophobic water stop resin

TamPur 170 is based on a prepolymer of polyurethane (Part A) and a polyol and castor oil component (Part B). The product has been formulated to reduce foaming during the reaction with the polyurethane prepolymer, giving a hydrophobic injection resin. The non-toxic plasticizer is used so the cured resin is eco-friendly.

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Key Benefits
  • Forms impermeable elastomeric seal
  • Can withstand very high pressure
  • Can be cut or drilled out
  • Slightly expansive and resilient
  • Flexible
  • Eco-friendly
Typical Applications
  • Sealing and waterproofing cracks
  • Sealing pipe ducts
  • Sealing cable entries
  • Sealing dry cracks prone to periodical water ingress
  • Secondary injection
  • For use with pre-fabricated injection tube
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