TamCrete MFC / SFC – Microfine cement for rock injection

TamCrete MFC and TamCrete SFC are Microfine Portland cements for rock injection. The superfine particle size, together with the addition of TamCem Superplasticisers, provides superior penetration into tight joints, fissures, thus providing a water-tight grouted rock mass.

TamCrete MFC and SFC are ground from pure Portland cement clinker to achieve a Blaine surface value of > 625 m2/kg.

All grades of our TamCrete MFC and SFC achieve initial and final set faster than OPC, which reduces the waiting time to a minimum for the next activity to start. This increases productivity in a tunnel grouting operation. The initial set time can be adjusted depending on the level of TamCem superplasticiser or TamCem HCA added to the mix.

All of our TamCrete MFC and SFC materials are quality assured by the Cement Industry Quality Assurance Scheme, independently monitored by the British Standards Institute (SBI QAS 2420/47).

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Key Benefits
  • Standard cement injection equipment can be used
  • Superior penetration into rock fissures
  • Fast initial gel and setting
  • Higher strengths achievable compared with chemical grouts
  • Greater penetration imparts greater water tightness
  • Better working environment and no hazardous components
  • Durable
  • Economical solution 
Typical Applications
  • Rockmass grouting for tunnels, caverns, mines, etc., used for pre and post excavation injection.
  • Ground water sealing and ground stabilisation.
  • Soil Injection: Ground stabilisation, ground water sealing.
  • Concrete crack injection
  • Consolidation of weak and fractured rock 
  • Sealing of water channels
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