TamCem Nano Silica Concrete Admixture – Early age set / strength

TamCem NanoSilica is a pozzolanic alternative to traditional cementitious replacements for durable concrete that provides sulphate resistance equivalent to typical microsilica (silica fume) at a much-reduced dose. TamCem NanoSilica is used in wet mix sprayed concrete processes for tunnelling and mining applications.

The product is suited as an addition to concrete providing improved fresh state and hardened properties. Importantly, TamCem NanoSilica enhances durability of permanent sprayed concrete ground support. Such durability enhancement includes excellent resistance to underground structures exposed to high sulphate and chloride containing groundwater and ground types.

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Key Benefits
  • A very active pozzolan that imparts excellent durability performance for concrete and sprayed concrete, such as sulphate and chloride resistance.
  • Can be used with CEM I and CEM II cement types, providing enhanced durability coupled with greater early age strength performance.
  • Improved final compressive strength and reduced permeability.
  • Reduces bleeding and segregation of concrete mixes, improves cohesion and aids pumpability.
  • Added at batching plant with standard admixture dosing equipment without the safety precautions and special dosing equipment associated with silica fume (microsilica) handling.
  • Site logistics improved as lower dosage of product required.
  • Stable dispersion that does not require agitation in order to retain its suspension.
  • Used to produce high performance concrete.
Typical Applications

TamCem NanoSilica is typically used as a replacement to other pozzolans such as microsilica, PFA and GGBS to impart durable concrete qualities without sacrificing early age setting and strength performance when using alkali-free set accelerators, typically observed with other cement replacements.

Sulphate resistance can be provided with the use of TamCem NanoSilica and either CEM I or CEM II cements. This negates the requirement for using sulphate resisting cements that further show poor setting behaviour when combined with alkali-free accelerators.

TamCem NanoSilica can also be used in standard and high performance concrete applications where it can enhance both fresh and hardened state properties, but can also improve finish when cast against formwork. Furthermore TamCem NanoSilica can be used to impart stabilising properties for injection grouts and TBM annulus backfill solutions.

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