TamCem HCA Plus – High Strength Hydration Control Admixture

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TamCem HCA Plus is a consistence controlling admixture for sprayed concrete meeting the requirements layout in EN 934-5. Unlike other consistence controlling admixtures, TamCem HCA Plus contains Normet’s unique dormant strength enhancing technology to give early age strength boosts to sprayed concrete when accelerated using an alkali-free set accelerator, such as TamShot 100AF.
By adjusting the dosage, mix open time can be tailored to suit required needs

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Key Benefits
  • Controllable, long open time for enhanced placement and delivery control.
  • Contains a unique dormant accelerator to boost early strength of accelerated sprayed concrete.

Early age strength of sprayed concrete mix. Cem II/A-V, TamShot 100AF, showing improved strength gain when TamCem HCA Plus is used in place of TamCem HCA.



Typical Applications

TamCem HCA Plus reacts with all commonly used Portland cement types and can be used to control hydration of all cement based grouts or concrete types. Typically, TamCem HCA Plus is used in the mining and underground construction industry for applications such as:

  • Sprayed Concrete
  • Mixes were prolonged open time is required
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